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3.22.16 Conference Committee sets SSA Rate

2.1.2016 Budget Workshop scheduled for February 2nd postponed due to weather 
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1.13.2016: ISFIS Summary of Governor's Budget Recommendation

10.21.2015: Maximum Property Tax Rate Impact Wynne Decision

7.8.2015: Impact of Governor's Veto of One-time Funding 

7.6.2015: See the Final District Level Spreadsheet for FY 2016 Regular Program District Cost Based on 1.25% State Supplementary Assistance and the Governor's Veto of the $53 Million of One Time Funding


ISFIS offers comprehensive programs and public policy consultation services, primarily directed towards the needs of Iowa schools.  We cater to the specific needs of superintendents, school business officials, and school board members in all aspects of Iowa school finance, training, human resources, student learning, research, policy, and risk mitigation.  We work with strategic partners to provide best in class programs that save schools time and money.  We are dedicated to providing unbiased and timely information that schools can use to make the best possible decisions on behalf of local schools, children and communities.